The Role of a Public Relations Agency

Utilizing more than 20 years of experience, Patrick O’Reilly serves as the founder, president, and CEO of O’Reilly Public Relations in Riverside, California. Over the course of his career, Patrick O’Reilly has directed hundreds of campaigns centered on communications and image for clients located in the Riverside area and across the country.

Effective communication between organizations and their constituents and clients remains the primary goal of a public relations firm. Public relations agencies begin each project by collecting information about a specific industry. Listening to the market allows agencies to understand what that market needs, and how to package it. For example, certain markets might respond positively or negatively to a specific voice. The next step for the public relations agency is to determine how to communicate a positive message to the appropriate demographic.

To customize a communications campaign, public relations agencies must encourage their clients to inform them regarding the points they want to highlight and the short- and long-term goals the client want their campaign to achieve. The best way to reach those targets is to make use of the multitude of available channels, such as social media, websites, television shows, magazines, and newspapers.


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