A Brief Overview of Corporate Positioning

Established in 2001, O’Reilly Public Relations is known for its track record of success in Riverside, California, and throughout the Inland Empire region. Founder Patrick O’Reilly has overseen hundreds of campaigns for clients in need of comprehensive government, community, and media relations management. Patrick O’Reilly’s Riverside-based firm places an emphasis on the importance of corporate positioning.

The ultimate goal of effective corporate positioning (or “brand positioning”) is to maintain a concise and powerful public identity that will leave a lasting impression in the minds of customers. When accomplished with skill and finesse, corporate positioning can have a dramatic effect on overall sales and company profitability.

Corporate positioning campaigns typically have an extremely broad scope and purview. These campaigns attempt to influence consumer attitudes and habits at all points of customer contact. Key components of all good corporate positioning campaigns include clear brand differentiation, niche market appeal, and unique product advantages.