Public Relations Across Various Industries

Patrick O’Reilly currently serves as president of O’Reilly Public Relations in Riverside, California. For more than a decade the Riverside firm has worked to develop a nationally-recognized reputation for public and media relations, and Patrick O’Reilly has expanded the firm’s public relations (PR) offerings to address the needs of countless industries.

The services of a trained PR professional can be put to use in any number of fields, including, for instance, education; a PR expert working in education must not only excel in traditional financial and administrative capacities, but also understand the academic and student-related issues unique to a school district, private college, or public university. The emerging energy marketplace, on the other hand, demands that PR professionals have knowledge of government policies and industry restrictions regarding world energy communities (like those located throughout the California deserts).

The gaming industry is another market that requires PR experts to develop unique skills, particularly when working with gaming facilities run by Native American tribes. Additional industries that rely on specialized PR strategies include food and product safety, health care and assisted living, and transportation.