Johnson and Johnson’s Positive PR Crisis Management

For over 20 years, Patrick O’Reilly has helped manage the public image of high-profile individuals from his public relations firm in Riverside, California. When a high-profile individual experiences a crisis, it can have a damaging effect on his or her public image. In such cases, public relations professionals like Patrick O’Reilly can take steps to minimize reputation damage.

In the early 80s, the parent company of the Tylenol brand, Johnson & Johnson, effectively managed a public relations crisis that could have done irreparable damage to the company. After it was discovered that bottles of Tylenol had been tampered with, Johnson & Johnson recalled $100 million worth of product in an attempt to prove to its customer base that its values safety. Additionally, it further displayed its interest in public safety by working with law enforcement agencies on both a local and national level in an effort to locate the perpetrator of the tampering crime.

Johnson & Johnson retained its positive public image by reintroducing Tylenol to the marketplace with tamper-resistant packaging.


Professional Development – The Public Relations Society of America

An experienced public relations professional, Patrick O’Reilly is the owner and president of OPR Communications, based in Riverside, California. With more than a decade in the industry, Riverside’s Patrick O’Reilly has received awards from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

Founded almost 70 years ago, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is dedicated to the promotion and excellence of the field, in addition to ethics, advocacy, and professional development. With over 22,000 professional members and 10,000 student members, PRSA represents a wide range of practice areas in professional and academic settings. Open to industry professionals at every level, PRSA calculates dues according to the number of years of experience the applicant has in the industry.

PRSA membership offers a number of benefits, with its centerpiece being its professional development program. Free to members, PRSA sponsors on-demand presentations and courses covering leadership and management, social media, communication strategy, and a number of other popular industry subjects. PRSA also provides conferences in conjunction with some topics.