Top Skills Needed to Rise in the PR Profession

Patrick O’Reilly, president of OPR Communications in Riverside, California, serves clients throughout the Western United States. While Patrick O’Reilly’s firm is based in Riverside, it has a track record of success in regional and national PR campaigns and has received several prestigious industry awards.

Reaching the top of the public relations field requires a diverse skill set. First, having the capability to get deep into data analysis allows you to gain credibility and make a strong case for how to realize your marketing vision. Also, you should possess well-developed people skills in order to network effectively with others and speak comfortably in front of large groups.

Next, you also need to read widely to be able to analyze industry trends and understand your audience’s needs and desires. Finally, digital skills are becoming increasingly important. You can stand out from your peers by increasing your technical capabilities and incorporating digital strategies into your marketing ideas.


How to Assess the Performance of a Digital Marketing Campaign

Patrick O’Reilly, an experienced and award-winning public relations executive, currently serves clients throughout the Western United States via O’Reilly Public Relations, his firm headquartered in Riverside, California. Serving needs such as media and government relations, crisis management, corporate positioning, and speech writing, Patrick O’Reilly’s Riverside firm has a track record of putting together successful campaigns.

You should consider several factors when assessing the effectiveness of an online campaign. For instance, although website hits matter, it is also important to pay attention to your bounce rate, which reflects the number of visitors that stayed on your website for a brief moment and then left. A high bounce rate may indicate that your content is lacking. Make sure high-quality content and links are part of your strategy to sustain any brand buzz.

As far as social media goes, getting new followers is a bonus, but you also want to make sure your content encourages followers to “like,” “share,” and “retweet” your content for maximum exposure. In addition, make sure you are closely following the cost per lead as well as the lead-to-close ratio. This means you should know how much you are spending for each new sales lead produced, as well as how many of those leads are converting to actual customers. Knowing this information will help you assess the effectiveness of your campaign.