Corporate Positioning Strategies

Corporate Positioning Strategies pic
Corporate Positioning Strategies

A communications professional based in the Riverside, California, area, Patrick O’Reilly helps clients maintain respectable public appearances. Patrick O’Reilly and his Riverside team achieve this through corporate positioning.

The term “corporate positioning” refers to the way in which a business establishes an identity that resonates with its patrons. Successfully executed corporate positioning increases sales and profitability because the public understands the value of doing business with the company.

If you’re a small business owner, communicate the type of service a person should expect when shopping at your store or engaging your company’s services. Emphasize attentiveness and efficiency. Location also can be meaningful to people, so let them know if you’re situated in a convenient area and how your business offers additional benefits, such as free parking. If offering services, highlight your service area and times you provide services. Additional benefits to highlight may include free consultations or the availability of services outside of normal business hours and on weekends.

Another option is spread awareness about your flagship product or service. Marketing a specific item or service works well when you have launched a product that is the first of its kind. This allows you to publicize your company as the originator. If your product has received high reviews justifying its exceptional quality, make sure to tell the public that you manufacture and distribute the “best” product or provide the “best” service for a specific purpose. Provide additional examples of why your product is the best to inform consumers of characteristics, like functionality and price point.


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