Crisis Management Leading Up to a Public Statement

Crisis Communication pic
Crisis Communication

Public relations executive Patrick O’Reilly leads OPR Communications in Riverside, California. From its Riverside office, Patrick O’Reilly’s firm provides crisis management to businesses nationwide and internationally.

Businesses experience a range of crisis situations, such as the distribution of defective products and theft of customer information. Having a communication plan in place prior to an incident can limit negative impact on a company’s brand and bottom line.

An ideal plan focuses on gathering facts and analyzing data to obtain critical information necessary for drafting a public statement. Management must conduct thorough due diligence to understand the cause of a problem. It may be necessary for members of the management team to delve into issues outside of their expertise in to fully comprehend the severity of a situation.

Following an investigation, a company should determine what information to share publicly. Rather than divulging all details, a company should focus on what information matters most to those listening. A public relations firm can assist with crafting a public statement that clearly and honestly relays information that will best preserve a business’ reputation.


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