Essential Marketing Collateral to Build Brand Awareness

OPR Group pic
OPR Group

Riverside, California, executive Patrick O’Reilly is the president of OPR Communications. Through his Riverside company, Patrick O’Reilly helps clients develop marketing collateral to support business growth.

Print and digital marketing collateral comes in various forms. The following pieces are essential for helping businesses enhance awareness of their brand.

Fact Sheets
Facts sheets come in two forms. The first is a company fact sheet that can be used to attract potential investors and candidates for employment as well as give the media a quick synopsis of a business. It should include when a company was established, contact information, brief executive team biographies, and details about all offices. The second is a product or service fact sheet. This document communicates function and value of business offerings, as well as features and cost comparisons that make a product or service stand out from competitors.

Press Kit
A comprehensive document, a press kit tells the story of a company. It not only consists of fact sheets, but also includes positive news releases and articles published about a business. A company’s logo displays prominently on all items in a kit. If used to garner new partnerships, a business owner can include a personalized letter pitching the brand.

Success stories are valuable marketing tools. A company can display testimonials on its website for public viewing. In addition, testimonials can be leveraged to build a case study that is relatable to others. A case study illustrates how a company was able to help a customer overcome a challenge and gives supporting data to reinforce the quality of the service or product rendered.


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