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Essential Marketing Collateral to Build Brand Awareness

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Riverside, California, executive Patrick O’Reilly is the president of OPR Communications. Through his Riverside company, Patrick O’Reilly helps clients develop marketing collateral to support business growth.

Print and digital marketing collateral comes in various forms. The following pieces are essential for helping businesses enhance awareness of their brand.

Fact Sheets
Facts sheets come in two forms. The first is a company fact sheet that can be used to attract potential investors and candidates for employment as well as give the media a quick synopsis of a business. It should include when a company was established, contact information, brief executive team biographies, and details about all offices. The second is a product or service fact sheet. This document communicates function and value of business offerings, as well as features and cost comparisons that make a product or service stand out from competitors.

Press Kit
A comprehensive document, a press kit tells the story of a company. It not only consists of fact sheets, but also includes positive news releases and articles published about a business. A company’s logo displays prominently on all items in a kit. If used to garner new partnerships, a business owner can include a personalized letter pitching the brand.

Success stories are valuable marketing tools. A company can display testimonials on its website for public viewing. In addition, testimonials can be leveraged to build a case study that is relatable to others. A case study illustrates how a company was able to help a customer overcome a challenge and gives supporting data to reinforce the quality of the service or product rendered.


Crisis Management Leading Up to a Public Statement

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Crisis Communication

Public relations executive Patrick O’Reilly leads OPR Communications in Riverside, California. From its Riverside office, Patrick O’Reilly’s firm provides crisis management to businesses nationwide and internationally.

Businesses experience a range of crisis situations, such as the distribution of defective products and theft of customer information. Having a communication plan in place prior to an incident can limit negative impact on a company’s brand and bottom line.

An ideal plan focuses on gathering facts and analyzing data to obtain critical information necessary for drafting a public statement. Management must conduct thorough due diligence to understand the cause of a problem. It may be necessary for members of the management team to delve into issues outside of their expertise in to fully comprehend the severity of a situation.

Following an investigation, a company should determine what information to share publicly. Rather than divulging all details, a company should focus on what information matters most to those listening. A public relations firm can assist with crafting a public statement that clearly and honestly relays information that will best preserve a business’ reputation.

How to Assess the Performance of a Digital Marketing Campaign

Patrick O’Reilly, an experienced and award-winning public relations executive, currently serves clients throughout the Western United States via O’Reilly Public Relations, his firm headquartered in Riverside, California. Serving needs such as media and government relations, crisis management, corporate positioning, and speech writing, Patrick O’Reilly’s Riverside firm has a track record of putting together successful campaigns.

You should consider several factors when assessing the effectiveness of an online campaign. For instance, although website hits matter, it is also important to pay attention to your bounce rate, which reflects the number of visitors that stayed on your website for a brief moment and then left. A high bounce rate may indicate that your content is lacking. Make sure high-quality content and links are part of your strategy to sustain any brand buzz.

As far as social media goes, getting new followers is a bonus, but you also want to make sure your content encourages followers to “like,” “share,” and “retweet” your content for maximum exposure. In addition, make sure you are closely following the cost per lead as well as the lead-to-close ratio. This means you should know how much you are spending for each new sales lead produced, as well as how many of those leads are converting to actual customers. Knowing this information will help you assess the effectiveness of your campaign.

An Overview of OPR Communications – Its Services and Awards

Patrick O’Reilly is an active member of the public relations industry, with experience in corporate positioning, special events, and brand marketing. Based in Riverside and built on his professional expertise, Patrick O’Reilly’s company OPR Communications was founded in 2001.

With a dedicated team of experienced professionals, OPR Communications specializes in a number of public relations practice areas, including public affairs, media relations, and crisis communication. In public affairs, OPR designs strategies that allow government clients to connect with and benefit their communities, whether at the state or local level. OPR’s media relations experience runs from training to strategic counsel, helping clients engage the media in a way that favorably presents their priorities and messages. And when faced with swiftly evolving events, OPR’s crisis communications team helps protect the client’s standing and media image. Focused on success through accountability, respect, service, and results, the firm’s dynamic strategies can accommodate new information and circumstances in pursuit of the goals of their client.

A recognized leader in the industry, OPR Communications has received the Public Relations Firm of the Year award by PRWeek and an award for excellence in community relations from the Public Relations Society of America, among others.

Strategies for Effective Multicultural Communications

An experienced public relations professional based in Riverside, California, Patrick O’Reilly serves as president of OPR Communications. In this capacity, Patrick O’Reilly spearheads the creation of PR strategies spanning public affairs, media relations, and crisis communications. His Riverside firm has received a number of accolades since its inception in 2001, including the title of PRWeek Public Relations Firm of the Year and multiple Public Relations Society of America honors in specialty areas such as multicultural programs.

As organizations seek to be successful in a culturally diverse world, it is imperative that they consider elements of effective multicultural communications. According to public relations scholars such as Virginia Sheng, this practice involves first acknowledging the interdependence of their cultural publics, noting the ways that the company and its customer demographics impact each other. While cultural sensitivity training can support the effectiveness of communications efforts, PR professionals should also consider the impact that their own backgrounds and attitudes may have on their multicultural communications strategies.

In addition to being sensitive to the experiences and perceptions of different cultures, effective multicultural PR strategies highlight the value of diversity. Showing respect for diverse perspectives may include developing symmetrical communication strategies that allow a firm’s PR representatives to open two-way dialogues and build long-term relationships with the company’s target audiences. When conflicts arise, meaningful multicultural public relations strategies focus on negotiation and compromise as effective methods of resolution.