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Social Media for Local Governments

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The president of Riverside, California-based OPR Communications, Patrick O’Reilly has established a long career assisting clients with their public relations strategies. PR assistance for local governments constitutes an area of focus for Patrick O’Reilly and the other seasoned professionals of his Riverside firm.

As increasing numbers of people use social media for news and communication, local government agencies have begun to rely on these tools to engage with their constituencies and provide information in a timely manner. Some agencies are using Twitter to communicate imminent extreme weather events and other types of emergencies, as the platform provides an effective and a low-cost means of spreading information.

Facebook and Twitter also provide ways to engage with community members who may not have the time or inclination to attend community events. When local governments maintain a social media presence, they increase the avenues through which they can interact with the people they serve. Posting videos of town events on YouTube can be a simple way to share events with people who couldn’t attend and may even boost attendance at future events.


Using Holding Statements in Crisis Communications

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public relations


Seasoned public relations professional Patrick O’Reilly serves as the president of OPR Communications, a public relations firm in Riverside, California. Patrick O’Reilly and other members of his Riverside-based company offer a wide variety of PR services, including crisis communications. When a crisis occurs, a rapid, thoughtful response is often necessary, and an experienced PR professional can help an organization get through what might initially seem like a disaster.

At the outset of a crisis, an organization must assess what has happened and consider how to proceed. But in the process of making this assessment, the public and stakeholders in the organization may clamor for information. In the immediate aftermath of a crisis, it is helpful to have a “holding statement” prepared until the company can decide on a longer-term response.

Such statements should focus on what has been and will be done. For example, if a company has begun to investigate what occurred, its holding statement could emphasize that it is still determining what happened and will take action based on the results of its investigation.

While organizations can undertake some crisis management on their own, professional assistance like that offered by OPR Communications can be very helpful in many situations.

An Overview of OPR Communications – Its Services and Awards

Patrick O’Reilly is an active member of the public relations industry, with experience in corporate positioning, special events, and brand marketing. Based in Riverside and built on his professional expertise, Patrick O’Reilly’s company OPR Communications was founded in 2001.

With a dedicated team of experienced professionals, OPR Communications specializes in a number of public relations practice areas, including public affairs, media relations, and crisis communication. In public affairs, OPR designs strategies that allow government clients to connect with and benefit their communities, whether at the state or local level. OPR’s media relations experience runs from training to strategic counsel, helping clients engage the media in a way that favorably presents their priorities and messages. And when faced with swiftly evolving events, OPR’s crisis communications team helps protect the client’s standing and media image. Focused on success through accountability, respect, service, and results, the firm’s dynamic strategies can accommodate new information and circumstances in pursuit of the goals of their client.

A recognized leader in the industry, OPR Communications has received the Public Relations Firm of the Year award by PRWeek and an award for excellence in community relations from the Public Relations Society of America, among others.

How to Give An Effective Speech

Patrick O’Reilly, based out of Riverside, California, is the president of O’Reilly Public Relations. As president of the Riverside PR firm, Patrick O’Reilly oversees crisis communications efforts, brand marketing campaigns, and speechwriting services.

A specialist in neuroscience, Andrew Newberg, MD, has published what he feels are the eight key components of delivering an effective speech. While the content and message of a speech are important, the method of delivery is equally, if not more, important. Maintaining relaxed eye contact with the audience is an obvious tactic to keep in mind, while having reassuring, kind facial expressions and an inviting tone of voice are two additional ways to hold the audience’s attention. Additional physical cues that should accompany a well-written speech are interactive hand gestures, a calm and relaxed posture, and a steady rate of speaking. Keeping speeches as short as possible is another method of ensuring the audience does not lose interest in the speech.

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Since founding O’Reilly Public Relations in 2001, Patrick O’Reilly of Riverside has catered to many prominent clients, including law firms, healthcare companies, government agencies, and multinational corporations. Clients served by the firm include PG&E, Lockheed Martin, the University of California at Riverside, and the Nature Conservancy.