PR Week Polls Global PR Leaders on Preferred News Sources


Riverside, California, business leader Patrick O’Reilly has more than a decade of experience in public relations and crisis management. From headquarters in Riverside, Patrick O’Reilly and OPR Communications serve organizations throughout the western United States. OPR has garnered numerous accolades from PR industry organizations, including PR Week’s award for PR Campaign of the Year.

In addition to recognizing national public relations leaders, PR Week tracks trends in the PR sector. Each year, the public relations resource compiles and publishes its Global Power Book, which not only highlights leading figures in PR but also provides PR Week with an opportunity to learn about best practices in the industry. In a recent article, PR Week unveiled the results of a Global Power Book questionnaire that sought to discover, among other things, how industry figures consume their news.

The poll found that the vast majority of participants choose Twitter for breaking news. However, when asked to list which news source they considered the most influential, respondents favored established publications like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. The selection of newspapers included some 50 publications, suggesting that while traditional media sources may still be the most influential, there is not an obvious leader among them.


Types of Marketing Collateral and Why Websites Are Important

Marketing Collateral pic
Marketing Collateral

Patrick O’Reilly, a Riverside, California, communications professional, creates marketing programs that enhance brand awareness. Through his Riverside-headquartered company, Patrick O’Reilly offers assistance with various types of marketing collateral.

Traditional marketing collateral consists of printed brochures, direct mail, sales sheets, and posters. However, technology has made it imperative for companies to also invest in digital media, ranging from electronic versions of traditional collateral to PowerPoint presentations that can be easily disseminated to the public.

Particularly, a website is a form of digital collateral that plays a crucial role in boosting sales. It serves the purpose of communicating mission and value statements as well as selling products and services. For optimal return, a website should be laid out and written in a manner that clearly presents information to prospective buyers. Details on product specifications and retail price as well as benefits can entice a consumer to purchase a product or service. For further engagement, a website can be transformed into an interactive site that is visually appealing to encourage visitors to review a site longer. This gives a business more opportunities to convince a buyer that its product or service is worth the investment.

PRSA Bronze Anvil Award Celebrates Public Relations Excellence

Bronze Anvil Award pic
Bronze Anvil Award

A public relations executive, Patrick O’Reilly serves clients from OPR Communications’ Riverside, California, office. Under the guidance of Patrick O’Reilly, the Riverside firm has garnered numerous awards, including the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Bronze Anvil Award.

The Bronze Anvil Award has been in existence for more than 45 years. Presented annually, the accolade celebrates public relations firms that demonstrate the best tactics and strategies as well as the creativity that is essential to growing its industry. PRSA evaluates submissions ranging from websites to media relations programs. In additions, the organization considers digital media, social media initiatives, and annual reports.

Submissions are currently being accepted for 2016. Early entries must be received by March 7 for a $100 application discount. Thereafter, firms can submit entries until the final deadline of March 21. Potential candidates can enter in 26 different categories. To view the categories and obtain more information about how to enter, visit

Essential Marketing Collateral to Build Brand Awareness

OPR Group pic
OPR Group

Riverside, California, executive Patrick O’Reilly is the president of OPR Communications. Through his Riverside company, Patrick O’Reilly helps clients develop marketing collateral to support business growth.

Print and digital marketing collateral comes in various forms. The following pieces are essential for helping businesses enhance awareness of their brand.

Fact Sheets
Facts sheets come in two forms. The first is a company fact sheet that can be used to attract potential investors and candidates for employment as well as give the media a quick synopsis of a business. It should include when a company was established, contact information, brief executive team biographies, and details about all offices. The second is a product or service fact sheet. This document communicates function and value of business offerings, as well as features and cost comparisons that make a product or service stand out from competitors.

Press Kit
A comprehensive document, a press kit tells the story of a company. It not only consists of fact sheets, but also includes positive news releases and articles published about a business. A company’s logo displays prominently on all items in a kit. If used to garner new partnerships, a business owner can include a personalized letter pitching the brand.

Success stories are valuable marketing tools. A company can display testimonials on its website for public viewing. In addition, testimonials can be leveraged to build a case study that is relatable to others. A case study illustrates how a company was able to help a customer overcome a challenge and gives supporting data to reinforce the quality of the service or product rendered.

Crisis Management Leading Up to a Public Statement

Crisis Communication pic
Crisis Communication

Public relations executive Patrick O’Reilly leads OPR Communications in Riverside, California. From its Riverside office, Patrick O’Reilly’s firm provides crisis management to businesses nationwide and internationally.

Businesses experience a range of crisis situations, such as the distribution of defective products and theft of customer information. Having a communication plan in place prior to an incident can limit negative impact on a company’s brand and bottom line.

An ideal plan focuses on gathering facts and analyzing data to obtain critical information necessary for drafting a public statement. Management must conduct thorough due diligence to understand the cause of a problem. It may be necessary for members of the management team to delve into issues outside of their expertise in to fully comprehend the severity of a situation.

Following an investigation, a company should determine what information to share publicly. Rather than divulging all details, a company should focus on what information matters most to those listening. A public relations firm can assist with crafting a public statement that clearly and honestly relays information that will best preserve a business’ reputation.

Corporate Positioning Strategies

Corporate Positioning Strategies pic
Corporate Positioning Strategies

A communications professional based in the Riverside, California, area, Patrick O’Reilly helps clients maintain respectable public appearances. Patrick O’Reilly and his Riverside team achieve this through corporate positioning.

The term “corporate positioning” refers to the way in which a business establishes an identity that resonates with its patrons. Successfully executed corporate positioning increases sales and profitability because the public understands the value of doing business with the company.

If you’re a small business owner, communicate the type of service a person should expect when shopping at your store or engaging your company’s services. Emphasize attentiveness and efficiency. Location also can be meaningful to people, so let them know if you’re situated in a convenient area and how your business offers additional benefits, such as free parking. If offering services, highlight your service area and times you provide services. Additional benefits to highlight may include free consultations or the availability of services outside of normal business hours and on weekends.

Another option is spread awareness about your flagship product or service. Marketing a specific item or service works well when you have launched a product that is the first of its kind. This allows you to publicize your company as the originator. If your product has received high reviews justifying its exceptional quality, make sure to tell the public that you manufacture and distribute the “best” product or provide the “best” service for a specific purpose. Provide additional examples of why your product is the best to inform consumers of characteristics, like functionality and price point.

PRSA Hosts International Conference in Atlanta

Public Relations Society of America pic
Public Relations Society of America
Image: Public Relations Society of America

An experienced public relations executive, Patrick O’Reilly serves as the president of OPR Communications in Riverside, California. Throughout the years, Patrick O’Reilly has led the Riverside firm to numerous Capella and Polaris Awards from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

Since its inception in 1947, PRSA has hosted numerous symposiums to bring together professionals from across the communications and public relations sectors. The organization maintains a dedication to providing education and networking opportunities to its members through the annual PRSA International Conference. From November 8-10, PRSA held its International Conference at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis in Georgia.

This year, the conference drew 3,000 attendees from around the world. At the event, the society hosted more than 80 professional education workshops that featured categories such as leadership and management, integration, and specialization. The sessions offered insight into diverse topics ranging from how to create a prominent brand to how to become an influential company leader. Over the course of several networking meetings, conference participants had the opportunity to attend keynote speeches from prominent figures such as U.S. Congressman John Lewis and GLAAD CEO and President Sarah Kate Ellis.