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Elements of Good Speeches

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Riverside, California-area resident Patrick O’Reilly has over a decade of experience in public relations. Steering strategic communication campaigns in the western United States, Patrick O’Reilly’s Riverside company OPR Communications offers its clients a wide variety of communication assistance, including speech writing services.

Effective speeches are written with meticulous care. A methodical approach to speech writing will involve awareness of:

1. Your audience. Before writing a speech, ensure you understand the audience, their needs, expectations, and attitudes. Find out what they already know and do not know, their attitude toward the speaker, and any prevailing interests they may have.

2. The core message. Focus your speech on the core message of interest to the audience. Make it simple and understandable. Too little substance spurs disinterest, while too many ideas will have the audience confused about your priorities.

3. Structure. Start by setting the expectation and identifying a path, and follow it through to the destination. Do not include extraneous, irrelevant, or contradictory information.

4. The opening. Grab the audience’s attention from the beginning. Ask a question or share a startling statistic or humorous short story. Start with momentum and capitalize on it to the end.