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Social Media for Local Governments

Twitter Image: twitter.com
Image: twitter.com

The president of Riverside, California-based OPR Communications, Patrick O’Reilly has established a long career assisting clients with their public relations strategies. PR assistance for local governments constitutes an area of focus for Patrick O’Reilly and the other seasoned professionals of his Riverside firm.

As increasing numbers of people use social media for news and communication, local government agencies have begun to rely on these tools to engage with their constituencies and provide information in a timely manner. Some agencies are using Twitter to communicate imminent extreme weather events and other types of emergencies, as the platform provides an effective and a low-cost means of spreading information.

Facebook and Twitter also provide ways to engage with community members who may not have the time or inclination to attend community events. When local governments maintain a social media presence, they increase the avenues through which they can interact with the people they serve. Posting videos of town events on YouTube can be a simple way to share events with people who couldn’t attend and may even boost attendance at future events.


Chipotle Reaches Out to Customers with New PR Plan

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OPR Group
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OPR president Patrick O’Reilly is a Riverside, California, public relations professional with varied experience in corporate communications and crisis management. Since 2001, Patrick O’Reilly has led the Riverside-based firm to develop public relations strategies for organizations in a variety of sectors ranging from higher education to food production.

Popular fast-casual restaurant Chipotle Mexican Grill recently experienced declining sales and negative press following an outbreak of E. coli and norovirus that affected customers across the United States, and its efforts in the wake of this incident provide an admirable example of a focused PR strategy developed to manage a corporate crisis. Chipotle is confident that it will overcome this roadblock with a combination of food safety improvements and consumer trust. According to founder and co-CEO Steve Ells, the company will implement new practices, such as pre-chopping tomatoes before they reach the restaurants and bolstering produce testing methods, to greatly reduce the possibility of any future health concerns.

Chipotle will also implement a multifaceted marketing strategy to communicate to customers that the restaurant is a safe place to eat. This will include detailed correspondence explaining the incident, as well as coupons to welcome customers back, all underscored by a tone of humility.

Factors That Make Up an Effective Public Relations Campaign

A Riverside, California, public relations professional, Patrick O’Reilly leads OPR Communications as president. Patrick O’Reilly and his Riverside firm have garnered numerous accolades for successful campaigns over the past 14 years.

An effective public relations campaign involves thorough research. It is important to know both your audience, to create the right message, and the media outlets you will use, to ensure they are the right fit for a particular campaign. Conduct an informal survey to learn more about your demographic, and build a list of media contacts that will be influential in broadcasting your message.

Additionally, draft a newsworthy press release to boost exposure. For the best chance of having a media representative pick your announcement to share, make sure it has a strong news angle, such as the release of an innovative product or celebration of an anniversary. Including relevant quotes that are usable as sound bites also makes a press release more appealing. Avoid too much business promotion. It will read more like an advertisement, which reduces the likelihood of media distribution.

The O’Reilly Public Relations Team

Patrick O’Reilly owns and operates O’Reilly Public Relations (OPR) in Riverside, California. Founded in August 2001, OPR reflects the founder’s significant community, political, and media expertise. Patrick O’Reilly and his Riverside team of PR experts have developed OPR into a reputable firm with numerous types of successful communications campaigns to its credit.

The team at OPR includes professionals with proven records of successes in public affairs. With requisite insight and talent, the OPR team comprehends the tactical advantages of aligning client objectives with appropriate public policy.

In addition to Patrick O’Reilly, the OPR team includes vice president Lou Monville and director of media relations Michael Fisher. Mr. Monville gives business and public agency clients the benefit of his experience in strategic public affairs. His clients are located across the western United States. For more than 10 years, he has assisted clients in such issues as energy project development, in land use entitlement, and in higher education.

In his role at OPR, Michael Fisher engages his skill as an award-winning journalist to conceive and to develop communications and media relations programs. He has executed crisis response plans and provided media training to help clients develop essential PR skills.